Ultimate Software for Recovering Files from Corrupted Crucial Hard Drive

Crucial Technology is a brand name for a family of different storage devices produced by Micron Technology Inc. Various volatile and non-volatile memory devices are manufactured under the name Crucial. Crucial hard drives are characterized with its huge capacity and high data rates. SATA as well as mSATA types of these hard disks are mainly intended for portable devices like laptops, netbooks, etc.

In some situations, a Crucial hard drive can get corrupted due to numerous reasons. This corruption of hard drive prevents any type of file access from it. Even in such situations, it is still possible to recover files corrupted Crucial hard drive. Crucial Data Recovery tool is optimized for the complete recovery of files from corrupted Crucial hard drive. The innovatory features of this software is convenient in the clean recovery of data from even repartitioned drives. This tool is applicable to recover files corrupted Crucial hard drive which are corrupted due to bad sectors on the disk. Apart from file recovery from corrupted crucial hard drive, this software is also capable of recovering formatted crucial hard drive files.

Various Reasons Responsible for the Corruption of Crucial Hard Drive

  • File System Damage: The file system of a Crucial hard drive may get corrupted due to a number of reasons like system errors, severe virus attack, etc.
  • Boot Sector Corruption: The boot sector of a Crucial hard drive is possible to corrupt because of various problems such as virus infection, registry errors, operating system errors, improper system termination, errors while upgrading OS, etc.
  • Virus Infection: High intensity viruses can attack a Crucial hard drive severely. They are capable of destroying a complete hard drive file system. If file system got damaged, data may become completely inaccessible.
  • Aging Problem: Most of the hard drives won’t survive more than ten years. Crucial hard drive is not an exception. Sometimes a Crucial hard drive may prevent data access from it, if that hard dive has age of more than 10 years. The actual reason for this prevention of data access may be hard drive corruption.
  • Hardware errors: Damages can happen to hardware portion of Crucial hard drive due to unfair usage of hard drives, power surges, etc. This hardware errors are also valid reasons for hard drive corruption.

Crucial Data Recovery Tool Features

  • Crucial Data Recovery tool recover files corrupted Crucial hard drive that is corrupted due to various partitioning errors.
  • This tool provides more than 300 file types while restoring files from a corrupted Crucial hard drive.
  • It is possible to add/ edit new signatures for file formats which are lacking support in corrupted Crucial hard drive file recovery.
  • It has the unique ability to recover files having ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute from NTFS drives.
  • This application can be easily applied for file deletion scenarios faced by Crucial hard drives just like hard drive corruption. As an instance, it is quite easy to use this software to perform recover deleted files from Crucial M550 SSD drive with ease.
  • This powerful software to recover files corrupted Crucial hard drive is well intended for the recovery of different audio, video and image files. Using this software, it is very easy to restore media file formats such as MP3, MP4, JPEG, AIFF, MOV, TIFF, MIDI, MPG, PSD, RA, 3GP, M4A, PNG, M4B, GIF, WAV, BMP, etc.
  • This tool can be installed on both Windows and Mac operating systems for the complete recovery of files from a corrupted Crucial HDD.
  • This software has ability to perform Crucial C300 data recovery with ease as well as from Crucial M500, BX100 without any complex procudures.

Tips to Protect Data from Crucial HDD Corruption

  • Make sure to take a backup of important files stored in Crucial HDD in any other storage device.
  • Buying a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is a good solution to overcome abnormal power failures.
  • Use a genuine antivirus software for protecting data in a Crucial HDD. Regularly update that antivirus tool. Always check for viruses if an external devices attached in the computer.

Note: If your hard drive become inaccessible, you can use this simple and effective tool to perform crucial file recovery from inaccessible drive within few mouse clicks.

Steps to Use Crucial Data Recovery tool :

Step 1: Install this application and run it to launch main screen. From main screen, select Recover Drives option as shown in figure a.

Recover Files Corrupted Crucial Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the corrupted Crucial hard drive to scan and search your vital data as shown in figure b.

Recover Files Corrupted Crucial hard Drive - Select Hard Drive

Figure b: Select Hard Drive

Step 3: After scanning is compeleted, software will list out all restored files as shown in figure c.

Recover Files Corrupted Crucial Hard Drive - Recovered Data

Figure c: Recovered Data

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