Crucial Documents Undeleter

How to undelete crucial documents?

Most of the users prefer to store their important information in the form of documents. However, sometimes while accessing documents, if your computer shuts down abruptly then you need to face critical loss of information. No matter whether the document is Word file, PPT file or Excel file, if you lost these documents then you may really face a critical situation. Documents may be lost due to various reasons; one of them is file system corruption. If the system faces corruption of file system problem then you lose your crucial document data. If file system corrupts then file structure of the hard drive will be deleted and link between the data and the file pointer may be lost and file become inaccessible. Sometimes file system may be corrupted due to virus attack and leads to loss of files. Inaccessible files are useless for you as you cannot retrieve your document content from inaccessible files. But even in this frustrating situation no need to panic!!! As Crucial Document Undeleter software helps you to rescue your documents in few mouse clicks.

Some other reason for loss of documents:

  • If you have formatted the hard drive without checking the contents of files stored on it then you must lose your crucial text files.
  • If you have deleted your documents by using shift + delete keys or deleted the text or Word files from command prompt then you may not get back your documents with any given system tools.
  • Sometimes due to various reasons you must have partitioned or repartitioned your hard drive. But after partition you may also lose some of your important files. If any partition error occurs then you may lose your crucial documents and even you can lose partitions.
  • Drive defragmentation is used to make some memory space useful but if any error occurs while doing so, then you can lose your data too after defrag. To overcome this condition crucial document undeleter can be used.
  • If your system has shut down improperly then you may lose your Word files. Suppose you have opened a document and suddenly power supply stops and your system don’t have power backup then your system shut down improperly and results in critical loss of files.

Tips: Always scan your computer system periodically as it will avoid data loss from any virus or malware attack. Also always update the backup of your crucial documents. It is the best way of saving data from any data loss scenarios. Do not try to store any data after deletion of data on that memory area as it can overwrite that memory space. In case you don't succeed in sticking to these instructions and lose out crucial data from your storage device then make use of this crucial document undeleter tool.This tool will recover data from SSD drive memory cards, USB drives and from other Crucial storage drive. To know about SSD drive data recovery, make a click on

Loss of important documents due to any data loss scenario is a critical situation. If you want to overcome from this critical situation then you need to use a recovery tool to rescue your lost .doc or .docx or .txt files. Crucial Data Recovery is a advanced software to recover all types of lost documents like Word documents, PPT files, Excel files etc. This tool is helpful to get back your lost vital document lost due to any of the above data loss scenarios. You can also undelete crucial data on Mac OS X versios like Lion, Mountain Lion etc. Even you can restore files which have been emptied from Recycle Bin ot Trash. This crucial documents undeleter provides you a facility to store your recovered documents in any storage location. If you have lost data form memory chip then it can be easily rescued by this application. If you want to know more information about how to rescue documents from memory chip then see here

Steps to rescue crucial document

Step 1: Download and install this software to open its welcome screen as given in figure 1.

Crucial Documents Undeleter - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Choose the partition from which documents has to be recovered as shown in figure 2.

Crucial Files Undeleter - Choose Partition

Figure 2: Choose Partition

Step 3: In this wizard, you will get recovered files list as shown in figure 3.

Crucial Documents Undelete Tool - Recovered Files list

Figure 3: Recovered Files List

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