Crucial Data Recovery on Mac

How to get back crucial data on Mac?

Have you lost your important files on Mac? Data loss on Mac OS is a very frustrating situation as Mac machines are well known for security of data. On Mac there are very few chances to lose your data due to unforeseen reasons. Formatting of hard drive of Mac machine is one main reason for losing data. If you have formatted hard drive of Mac machine then you can lose your data on a large scale. Sometimes you take all the backup or precautions to avoid data loss but at some worst case you forgot to take a backup of some folder or drive and format whole hard drive then in this situation you can lose your vital data. Since formatting of hard drive only deletes the address table of data, your content remain in the same memory space but it is inaccessible. No need of worry in such crucial instances!!! As Crucial Data Rescue on Mac tool can easily restore all types of files from Mac computers within fraction of time.

Some other scenario of data loss on Mac

  • Corruption of catalog file and journal corruption makes the file inaccessible and finally leads to data loss on Mac machines. Catalog file maintains the information about the files on the Mac volume whereas journalizing helps to go back to previous state if any error occurs.
  • Empting Trash of Mac machine causes severe data loss. Because normally you cannot recover files deleted from Trash.
  • If volume of Mac operating system fails to mount then data inside the volume become inaccessible and leads to data loss. The volume of Mac refuses to mount due to any system errors or due to any human error. In this situation you need to make use of crucial data rescue on Mac.

It is better to take some precautions to avoid data loss on Mac. Always take a backup of your crucial data. So that if you have lost data on Mac then you can get your data from backup. Do not store any data after losing data on Mac computers. If you store data on that storage drive then it overrides the memory space of lost data and makes the work of recovery tool difficult. If you want to recover data from memory chip then go through

As you may lose your crucial data on Mac due to above written data loss scenario but it can be easily recoverable with the help of strong application like Crucial Data Recovery. After recovery of your crucial lost data you can store it in any storage location. You can even retrieve your data from external hard drives, USB drives and iPods. You can add or edit file signature to search and rescue lost data. This tool provides you to see preview of rescued data after scanning of storage drive in Mac finder interface. This tool is capable of retrieving lost data from all popular brands of hard drives and even you can rescue crucial files from Maxtor hard drive by using this efficient software.

Note: To recover files from SSD drives like Crucial C300, follow this link:

Steps for crucial data rescue on Mac

Step 1: Install the software to launch its home wizard as shown in figure I.

Crucial Data Rescue On Mac - Home Wizard

Figure I: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select the appropriate drive to rescue lost data as given in figure II.

Crucial Data Recovery On Macintosh - Select Drive

Figure II: Select Drive

Step 3: See the recovered files list as shown in figure III.

Crucial Data Restoration On Mac - Recovered File List

Figure III: Recovered Files List

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