Crucial Maxtor Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data recovery from Maxtor hard drive

Are you a user of Maxtor hard drive? If your answer is yes then you are using one of the advanced featured hard drive. But despite being an advanced storage drive, there is possibility of data loss from Maxtor hard drive due to various reasons. Mainly data loss on Maxtor hard disk happens due to logical errors. If your system BIOS is recognizing hard drive but it is unable to access data stored on it then it is a logical error. This logical problem leads to huge data loss on Maxtor Hard drive. It happens due to various reasons, among them is deletion of key files. Sometimes key files of the system may be deleted either through any human error or by any technical error. It causes data inaccessibility and further leads to loss of crucial data. In such situations, no need to worry!!! As revive crucial data from Maxtor hard drive tool rescues all your vital data from Maxtor hard drive easily.

Common reasons for data loss on Maxtor hard drive

  • File system corruption is one reason of data loss on Maxtor hard drive. Sometimes due to various reasons your file system corrupts and then you cannot access data from it and it leads to severe data loss from Maxtor hard drive. In such a condition you can definitely make use of revive crucial data from Maxtor hard drive utility. However, one can simply click here to get back data from Crucial V4 SSD drive with great ease.
  • Formatting of Maxtor hard drive causes severe data loss. If you have formatted Maxtor hard drive without inspecting the contents then you can lose your vital data from the hard disk.
  • Partitioning or repartitioning of Maxtor hard drive also leads to severe data loss. If during partition any interruption occurs then it causes the partition error and it becomes reason for partition loss and you may lose your vital data. However, one can simply tap here to restore files deleted with shift delete key combination with ease.
  • Virus attack or software conflicts on Maxtor hard drive may corrupt data which is stored on hard drive. Virus attack or software conflict makes data or files inaccessible leads to data loss. If the corruption to your hard drive from virus infection is severe, then your external hard drive may fail to get recignized on your computer. Almost your hard drive becomes dead and it may not be recognized when connected to your computer. If this is the case, don't get tensed, just keep calm and use this software to recover data from dead external hard drive with utmost ease.
  • Master Boot Record (MBR) is liable for the hard drive booting of any operating system. So, if any corruption of MBR takes place then it leads to data loss.

Tips: Always update your backup so that you can avoid above data loss scenarios. Moreover, after losing data from hard drive do not store anything on the drive so that memory will not get overwritten by new data. Also scan Maxtor hard drive with a good quality anti-virus program periodically so that virus attack can be avoided.

Data which has been lost from Maxtor hard drive due to logical error can be brought back through Crucial Data Recovery tool. You can save your recovered files on any secondary storage drives like CD, DVD etc. It supports recovery of around 300 file types and even you can add or edit file signature which are not available when restoring files. You can recover your data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExtFAT partitions. By using this software, you can rescue crucial data from memory chip, flash drive, FireWire drive, external hard drive, USB drive etc.

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Steps to revive crucial data from Maxtor hard drive

Step 1: Install this software and launch the home screen as shown in figure a.

Revive Crucial Data from Maxtor Hard Drive - Home Screen

Figure a: Home Screen

Step 2: Select the Maxtar hard drive to scan and search your vital data as shown in figure b.

Rescue Crucial Data from Maxtor Hard Drive - Select Maxtar Hard Drive

Figure b: Select Maxtar Hard Drive

Step 3: You can see the list of rescued files as shown in figure c.

Revive Important Files from Maxtor Hard Drive - Recovered File List

Figure c: Recovered Files List

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