Recover Crucial Data from Windows 8

Best way to recover crucial data on Windows 8!

It is the most frustrating scenario, when you come across data loss crisis on Windows 8 computer! While managing files on crucial hard drive, often users experience loss or deletion of files. Although nobody wish to run into such unwanted situation but uncertainties are not pre-planned. A small mistake while working on Windows 8 computer is enough for data loss. However, Windows 8 has come with lots of easy to use and amazing features but most of users commit mistakes in lack of experience and lose crucial drive data. However, Windows 8 offers great resistance against virus corruption but still all other factors are equally effective on Windows 8 and result in data loss. Luckily, data recovery experts have launched crucial data recovery program that offers brilliant solution to undelete crucial documents and media files.

Commonly observed data loss scenarios on Windows 8

  • Whenever, you plan to remove useless files from hard drive, perform this action carefully because often users select few important files along with target data and pass Shift + Delete command.
  • On finding Recycle Bin full of deleted files, user could make it empty by using Empty Recycle Bin option. If Recycle Bin files are not reviewed properly, it may result in removal of few valuable files also. At this stage, user will have to employ data recovery app to recover crucial data from Windows 8 system.
  • Format operation is quite usual among users. They could format drive intentionally to make it corruption free or sometime it may happen accidentally. But in both situation, users have compromise their crucial data.
  • While utilizing Disk Utility to perform hard drive management operation, user could face data loss after the drive partition is lost, deleted or missing because of user’s mistake or failure of Disk Utility. User can use this link to get the best solution to get back memory chip data.

Besides above discussed data factors, MBR corruption, file system corruption, formation of bad sectors, sudden system shut down or reboot etc are also considerable fact that arise need of crucial data recovery on Windows 8 system. User should always have complete backup of crucial data on SSD or other removable drive since it will be very helpful in recovering data after loss or deletion. However, if you have lost data from SSD also, you will have to employ third party app to perform crucial SSD data recovery.

Users can take advantage of Crucial Data Recovery software that guarantees best result in recovering lost or deleted data on Windows 8 computer irrespective of various data loss calamities. Apart from Windows 8 internal hard drive, you can employ this software to get back data from undetected external hard drive, which has been corrupted severely under various scenarios. It can even recover files from formatted external hard disk as well as computer's internal hard disk with utmost ease. You can launch this application on all latest Windows OS running systems to retrieve crucial drive data. It offers risk free and fast data recovery from memory cards, USB drives, hard drives and other storage drives that are formatted, corrupted or inaccessible. User can refer this URL to perform crucial data recovery on Mac system.

Note: Visit at and learn how to use this data recovery software for bad hard disk drive.

Step to recover crucial data on Windows 8:

Step 1: Download and install this software to launch the main window as shown in figure A.

Get Back Crucial Info from Memory Chip - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Now, select the the drive from listed all logical drives as shown in figure B. Then click on Next to start scanning.

Restore Crucial Data from Memory Chip - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3: After scanning is completed, you can have preview of any recovered file as given in figure C.

Retrieve Crucial Info from Memory Chip - Preview Recovered Data

Figure C: Preview Recovered Data

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